About my work

The focal point of my work is sculpting statues of people and animals, which I stylize and defamiliarize.

My figures very often have a symbolic message. For example, my bulls; they are allegories for virtue and tranquility. I often see faces and forms in stones, trees and clouds, which then are transposed  in my work. Clay is my main material, however a few special pieces I have commissioned in bronze.

Sometimes I work with models, to stimulate fresh perception and also to change it.

The surfaces of the sculptures receive their final touches mainly using the processes Raku and smoke firing, which I have acquired in various classes. Through experimentation and much work, I have been able to change these processes for my own use and adapted them for my figures. I greatly value these old firing techniques as they allow much scope for coincidence.

My inquisitiveness for the new leads me again and again to fascinating techniques such as printing on ceramics or pottery shards. This latter process is as if I am giving something old and no longer in use new life by embedding the shards in my figures.


My acryl paintings and collages consist of layer upon layer of paint and other materials.

Colour is either applied opaquely or through glazing, partly washed off again or scratched off. Felt, cardboard, newspaper or sand is added. Now and then my ceramics re-appear in the form of a photographic element. Letters of the alphabet and scripture are important players in design.

I work on a painting until I think it is complete. This can take a few weeks, because of the necessary intermediate drying phases. This is why several paintings are underway at the same time. I start off by painting intuitively and wildly, then becoming more observant to the picture’s demands. Finally only very small details are added. Then I let the piece live a while, however changes this or that. Only then when I believe a piece to be complete, can the final act of applying protective varnish be effected.

Artistic Curriculum Vitae

1978 matriculation at the science orientated grammar school in Kirchdorf on the Krems. After her training to become a medical technical analyser, she worked 16 years as a microbiologist at the General Hospital (AKH) in Linz. From 1989-1991 she completed a course of studies in advertising design in the form of extra occupational education at evening classes in Linz.

 In 1991 she turned to ceramics and sculpture and deepened her knowledge over the following years. Since 2001 she is an independent artist.